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New BBC Period Drama Charts The Pivotal Late 90s

IRA, Euro 1996, New Labour – From Here to There

From Here To There Copyright BBC

The BBC has released information relating to an ‘epic’ new 3 part miniseries. Produced by Kudos Films and Television (Spooks, Life on Mars & Utopia), From Here to There stars Philip Glenister, Bernard Hill and Steven Mackintosh. Written by Peter Bowker, it charts the tragic and comic misadventures of two families as Manchester is being rebuilt. In a newly released interview he admits that he was motivated by an interest ‘in how pain is passed down through generations’

This is what the BBC had to say: The drama begins in June 1996 on the day an IRA bomb destroyed much of Manchester’s City Centre – the same summer England was united in optimism for Euro ‘96. From There To Here tells the story of a city, an era and two families from different sides of the tracks whose lives are brought together in the aftermath of the bomb. The story spans the four years that changed Manchester and the country forever – from ‘Football’s Coming Home’ in 1996, to New Labour sweeping to power in 1997, and finally to the hangover after the Millennium celebrations of 2000.

Watch Peter Bowker’s interview here:

BBC has not yet released the broadcast date for this exciting new drama.

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