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Henry VIII, Napoleon and Jesus all have it, as do Andrew Marvell, Florence Nightingale and Ernest Shackleton. What are we talking about?


But what are your chances of becoming immortal? In this humorous new video, cartoonist Joel Mishon uses history to weigh up the odds, and they might surprise you.

Joel Mishon is a cartoonist and co-founder and director at the cartoon agency, CartoonStock. His original degree was history, but has spent the last twenty years firstly as a cartoonist producing work for magazines such as Private Eye and the Spectator and then as an agent, licensing other cartoonists work to clients all over the world. His animation work is an opportunity to combine his passions for history and cartoons in a unique and compelling way.

About Rebecca Rideal

Rebecca Rideal
Founder and editor of The History Vault, Rebecca is a historian of seventeenth-century England, a former specialist factual television producer, and the author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire.

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