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Historic Punch

Late last year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dr Lindsey Fitzharris and Adrian Teal at Blacks Club in Soho. Along with chatter about eighteenth century mermaids and the number of times a person can die, we hatched a plan to bring a bit of Georgian panache into the 21st century. A few emails later (and with the kind consent of the propriators of Blacks) we collectively gave birth to ‘HISTORIC PUNCH’ – a brand new monthly history soiree that is set to have its maiden night on the 27th of January. 

 Held in the Hogarthian splendour of Blacks Club in the dark heart of Soho, HISTORIC PUNCH is a monthly gathering of like-minded souls who revel in the glories of our rich and raucous past. From charismatic and expert speakers to vibrant conversation and a drop or two of something potent, each soiree anchors on a different theme.  

Our first event tackles the theme of ‘over-indulgence’ and includes speakers such a historian and author Lucy Inglis, Time Team archaeologist Francis Pryor and historian and Unreal City Audio founder Dr Matthew Green. Tickets to the first event sold out very quickly, but there will be much more to come in February so please watch this space and check out our specially designed website for more information.



28/01/2014 – Historic Punch UPDATE

Today is the day after the night before, but what a night it was.

Last night was the inaugural HISTORIC PUNCH ! Sticking to the theme of over-indulgence our speakers – Lucy Inglis, Dr Matthew Green and Time Team’s Francis Pryor – gave us a whistle stop tour of indulgence over the ages. Who knew that gangs of men used to smoke weed in the late 17th century? That 18th century hot chocolate was so rich? And, that there was a time when the only place to get royally pissed was during communion?

The speakers were fantastic and hit the tone just right: humourous, interesting and delightfully informal.Wine

Along with my co-conspirators Adrian Teal and Dr Lindsey Fitzharris, I have spent the last few weeks plotting and planning to make sure the night was as enjoyable as is legally possible for our guests. And, as rain and wind lashed down Dean Street, it was a relief to see the Gin Punch flowing and conversation bubbling away inside the warm and decadent surroundings of Blacks Club, Soho.

For some, dinner followed, and – without mentioning any names – I am told that one of my co-hosts (it wasn’t Adrian Teal) was still enjoying the evening until midnight. Due to ‘technical issues’ (read- too much punch and not enough foresight), I only managed to take one picture. It pretty much sums up the evening though.

If you would like to join the fun, the next HISTORIC PUNCH is set to take place on the 3rd March.

About Rebecca Rideal

Rebecca Rideal
Founder and editor of The History Vault, Rebecca is a historian of seventeenth-century England, a former specialist factual television producer, and the author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire.

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