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Five Minutes With… Dr Miranda Kaufmann

Dr. Miranda Kaufmann is a graduate of Christ Church, Oxford, where she wrote her D.Phil. thesis on “Africans in Britain, 1500-1640”, and got two winning Rugby Blues.  She is now a freelance historian and journalist in London. Her latest project is the Influential Black Londoners exhibition, on at National Trust Sutton House, Hackney, 29 September-30 November 2013.  She will be …

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The History of Abbreviation

As an undergraduate, one of my lecturers once said that language is a tug-of-war between laziness and comprehensibility. Laziness, and our desire to communicate with as little effort as possible will make language change, but our need for comprehension will temper how much it changes. Text-language is a perfect example of this – we want to fit as much information …

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My favourite book in the whole of the university library was Beauty and The Banknote, by Virginia Hewitt, published by British Museum Press. This monochrome picture book commands its own place in the Dewey decimal system category of Printed Paper Money (next to Postage Stamps and Related Devices, in case you were wondering) and contains pictures of women appearing on …

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The GOP, Government Shutdown, and the History of Killing Political Legitimacy

The situation was intense. The conservative party in America, its base strongest in the South, had recently suffered a devastating electoral defeat in which a progressive lawyer from Illinois won the presidency along mostly sectional lines. In response to the electoral rebuke of their policies, the conservative party decided that rather than accept the outcome of the election, they would …

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LADIES FIRST. In 1960 a man from Edgware was cross enough to write to The Times.  Under the title ‘Mammoths of the Tube’ he complained Sir – One complains of the congested conditions prevailing today on the London Underground Railway system. Lately his condition seems to have been aggravated by various females carrying baskets, bags, and other articles which appear …

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When it comes to history tours, the team at Unreal City Audio, fronted by Dr Matthew Green, are really blazing a ‘trail’. We chat to Dr Matthew Green about the release of an extraordinary new app that brings to life the world of 18th century London. What first attracted you to the growth of coffeehouses in London?  Serendipitously, it was …

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