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I've recently graduated from university with a degree in history. My time at university largely focused on European History, but I'm an all round history nut and read widely. You could generally find me reading anything from Tacitus' history of Rome to John Rawls' a Theory of Justice. If I'm not reading history, I'll either be reading classic literature such as Wilde or Wordsworth; or poetry - Edgar Allen Poe is a favourite of mine. Outside of reading and learning, you could expect to find me at St Marys stadium watching Southampton or playing 5-a-side football. Other than that my life is arbitrary

1940s Tank Crews: Who Did What?

If you’re ever lucky enough to drive a tank, you’ll soon realise that it’s a military monster unlike any other vehicle. Attempting to skid-steer several tonnes of metal on tracks is tricky, to say the least. When you’re in the driving ‘seat’ (many tanks require you to kneel uncomfortably or practically lie down, so there’s no real seat to speak …

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