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Emma Butcher
Emma is a PhD student at the University of Hull specializing in Romantic and Victorian literature. Her thesis examines the legacy of colonial, civil and Napoleonic warfare in the works of the Bronte family. She is currently the postgraduate representative of the Northern Nineteenth-Century Network and the British Association for Victorian Studies. She has recently curated the new exhibition at the Bronte Parsonage, ‘The Brontes, War and Waterloo’.

Review: Unseen Waterloo, Private Exhibition Launch, Somerset House

Every year since 2009, Sam Faulkner – photographer on other fascinating projects such as ‘Eagle Hunters’ and ‘Cocaine Wars’ – has travelled to the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium to take photographs of ‘modern day’ Napoleonic soldiers.  Faulkner’s photographs give us a highly emotive insight into individual battlefield experience, recreating the faces of those who fought …

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