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1668 Almanac

No one tells you this, but one of the best things about conducting historical research is the opportunity to play detective. In truth, there is much even specialists do not know about their period of expertise. Part of being a historian is using the skills you have acquired at university (or on the job) to get to the bottom of enigmatic source material. For me, this involves using parish records, looking at early English books and trawling through seventeenth-century newsbooks and ‘newspapers’.
So when I recently purchased a 1668 almanac from my local Oxfam bookstore, I decided to record a real-time account of my first impressions of the book. Part 2 deals with the contents and appearance of the book and Part 2 is my early attempt to find the owner of the book.
Since recording, there are a couple of things to note:
1) My reading of the poem at the back was inaccurate. I misread ‘while’ on the second line as ‘As his’ (I know, how?)
2) I state that the almanac was published in 1668. This is probably incorrect. I was likely published in 1667 so readers could prepare for 1668.
3) Below you will find some images. Do get in contact if you want anything specifically photographed. I find the directions pages to be very interesting. I’ve not come across anything like this before – but perhaps I just haven’t worked with almanacs enough!
Warning: this is extreme geeking.

About Rebecca Rideal

Rebecca Rideal
Founder and editor of The History Vault, Rebecca is a historian of seventeenth-century England, a former specialist factual television producer, and the author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire.

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